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Procurement of Foodgrains

Major foodgrains crop in the State of Punjab are wheat & paddy and these crops are procured from farmers through Artiyas by the Corporation for Central Pool at Minimum Support Price (MSP). Procurement of foodgrains by PAFC was started from the crop year 2002-03. Wheat is procured from mandies / Procurement centres, stored in scientific godowns and on plinths and delivered to FCI . The crop yearwise procurement of wheat and paddy since 2010-11 is as under.

Crop year %age of share Qty. Purchase
%age of share Qty. Purchase
2016-17 9% 10.06 8% 15.96
2017-18 9% 10.18 10% 17.73
2018-19 9.98% 12.66 10% 17.50
2019-20 10.54% 13.60 - -

Milling of Paddy
The paddy procured from mandis is stored in the premises of the rice mills for custom milling. Thereafter, the millers deliver the resultant rice to FCI on behalf of procurement agencies. The milling of paddy is governed by Custom milling policy circulated by the State govt. every year & agreement entered into with the millers.

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