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Juice Vending

The objectives are-promotion of horticulture crops processed horticulture produce, generate employment opportunities and provide nutritious fruit based beverage at affordable prices. The scheme is for unemployed youths and ex-serviceman below the age of 58 years. Corporation facilitates allotment of site. The juice dispensing machines is provided at security on lease basis.  The fruits concentrate and other articles are provided to vendors at very reasonable rates. At present, 60 machines are functional at various locations in Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Proceedure for allotment of Juice Vending Units
Unemployed youth and Ex-serviceman can apply for the franchise of PAGREXCO on a prescribed performa along with a nominal fee of Rs.100/-. PAGREXCO take up the matter with the concerned authority for getting the site allotted at the proposed place in the name of PAGREXCO. After allotment of the site an agreement is entered between PAGREXCO & the concerned authority. An agreement is also signed by PAGREXCO with the Vendor. Security amount of Rs.40,000 depending upon the model is taken from the vendor in the form of BG/FD. Lease money of Rs.400 per month is charged from the vender in Punjab & Chandigarh and lease amount of Rs.500 per month is charged from the vender from other states. Rs.6 per Kg on concentrate supplied is charged from vender in Punjab & Chandigarh and Rs.8 per Kg from the vender from other states.

Scheme for marketing of fruit juice & fruit based beverages



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