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Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited




Right to Information Act, 2005

Punjab Agri Export Corporation Limited (PAGREXCO)

The particulars of its organization, functions and duties - back

Punjab Agri Export Corporation Limited (PAGREXCO) was incorporated in January, 1997 in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956. Authorized and paid-up capital of the Corporation is Rs. 5 crore. The main objectives of the Corporation are to promote/assist export and distant domestic marketing of agri produce from the State with focus on fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, promote organic farming, to create cold chain infrastructure facilities to facilitate exports and to improve productivity of existing crops. Memorandum & Articles of Association of Punjab agri Export Corporation Limited


1. PAGREXCO has set up 5 Pack Houses in different location in Punjab with a grant from APEDA having facilities of waxing-  grading-  packing, pre-cooling, cold storage and transporting.
2.  PAGREXCO has set up 5 Kinnow Waxing & Grading Centres with imported electronic volumemetric grader sizer providing facility to farmers to promote domestic/export marketing of Kinnow from the State. 
3. The Corporation has also undertaken a major initiative to promote Organic Farming and also Domestic/Export Marketing of organic produce. The farmers interested in Organic Farming are being provided help in adoption of practices for organic Farming. 
4. The Corporation is managing Corpus Fund of the State Government and has facilitated setting up of 9 Cold Storage under the State Government scheme for creation of Cool Chain Infrastructure. The Corporation also provides financial assistance for distant domestic & export marketing. The Corporation has released subsidy of Rs. 900.53 lac till 2010-11 for providing export/distant marketing of Punjab produce. 
5. Annual Account of the Corporation for the year 2013-14 have been finalized and approved by the Board of Directors.

The Corporation has undertaken the following activities:
Packhouses for Fruits and Vegetables
PAGREXCO has set up 5 pack houses with a cost of Rs. 5.35 Cr., in Punjab for providing facilities for distant marketing and export of fruits and vegetables. Each Pack House is located in Fruits & Vegetables growing clusters having facilities like washing-waxing-grading-packing, pre-cooling & cold storage. It has also been proposed to set up 2 more Pack Houses at different locations in Punjab.
Temporary Perishable Cargo Centre at Amritsar
A temporary perishable cargo centre has been set up at International Airport, Amritsar having facility of cold rooms, x-ray cum scanner machine, refer vans etc.
Waxing of Kinnow

During 2014-15, the Corporation waxed 37.480 MT Kinnow. The Corporation offered the facility of mechanical grading and waxing to the growers at 5 centres located in all the five Citrus Estates declared by the State government at Balluana, Badal, Tahliwala Jattan, Chhauni Kalan and Kangmai.
Pea Harvester : with the obejective to promote Pea cultivation, a Pea harvester has been imported and sucessfully demonstrated to curtail the labour problem.

Handling of Corpus Fund

The State government created a Corpus Fund in 1998 for creation of Cold Chain Infrastructure in the State of Punjab. 9 units have been financed under the scheme. The Corporation is also provide financial assistance on inland haulage, packing material, waxing and pre-cooling of fruits out of Corpus Fund of the farmers and exporters for export/distant marketing of fruits & vegetables from the State of Punjab to designated places.
Small Farmers' s Agri-Bussiness Consortium
Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium (also called Central SFAC) is a Society under Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India to implement the schemes of projects development facility and venture capital assistance for development of agri-business in the country in association with commercial banks.
Punjab Small Farmer's Agri Business Consortium (PSFAC) is a registered Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on the pattern of Central SFAC to facilitate setting up of agri-business ventures in close association with banks, catalyze private investment in setting up of agri-business projects and thereby providing assured market to producers, strengthen backward linkages of agri-business projects with producers, assist farmers, producer groups, and agriculture graduates to enhance their participation in value chain through Project Development Facility and arrange training and visits, etc., of agri-preneurs for setting up of identified agri-business projects through central SFAC.

Juice Vending
The objectives are promotion of horticultural crops, processed horticultural produce, generate employment opportunities and provide nutritious fruit based beverage at affordable prices. The scheme is for unemployed youths and ex-servicemen. Corporation facilitates allotment of sites. The juice dispensing machines are provided against security on lease basis. The fruits concentrate and other articles are provided to vendors at very reasonable rates. At present, 60 machines are functional at various locations in Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.
Procedure for allotment of Juice Vending Units

Unemployed youth and Ex-serviceman can apply for the franchise of PAGREXCO on a prescribed performa along with a nominal fee of Rs.100/-. PAGREXCO take up the matter with the concerned authority for getting the site allotted at the proposed place in the name of PAGREXCO. After allotment of the site an agreement is entered between PAGREXCO & the concerned authority. An agreement is also signed by PAGREXCO with the Vendor. Security amount is taken from the vendor in the form of fixed deposit/bank guarantee. Lease money is charged from the vender.

Promotion of Agri-Exports

To boost agri-exports of fruits, vegetables and flowers, the Corporation implemented a scheme of the State government providing financial assistance for export/distant marketing

Current Outlook

Keeping in view, the State government policy to promote agri-export from the State, the Corporation has purchased mobile pre-coolers and refrigerated vans to facilitate the export of vegetables and also to improve the quality and shelf life of the produce. One of the major thrust areas would be to undertake/assist distant marketing and export of fresh/processed fruits & vegetables and organic farming. The Corporation has set up a pre-fabricated cold store at Amritsar airport to provide Cool Chain Infrastructure in order to boost export of fresh produce. 


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