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Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited




Board of Directors
List of Officers
Organizational Setup
Projects Implemented
Projects under Implementation
Agri Mega Project
General Procedure
New Proposal
PAIC Accounts
Projects Implemented
1. Mini Sugar mill
Village Changaliwala,  Distt. Sangrur
(M/s. Kissan Agro Mini Sugar Mill Ltd.)
Sulphur Sugar 3.35 1.16 Dec., 1981 Disinvested in Jan.,1990        
2. Cottonseed processing complex
Doomwali, Distt. Bathinda
(M/s. Malwa Cottonseeds Products Ltd.)
Semi refined cottonseed oil, De-oiled cottonseed cake, Lint, Hull, Rice Bran Oil, De-oiled Rice Bran. 23.69 4.81 Feb.,1983 Disinvested in Jan., 1988
3. Solvent Extraction of Vegetable Oils.
Guruharsahai, Distt. Ferozepur
(M/s.Punjab Agro Rice Bran Extraction Ltd.)
Rice Bran Oil, De-oiled Rice Bran. 13.34 4.75 April,1984 Disinvested in Sept.,1985
4. Fruit Juice Concentrates & Tomato Paste
Abohar, Dist. Ferozepur.
(M/s. Agro Foods Punjab Ltd.)
Orange, Mango, Guava, Pineapple Juice Concentrates 84.30 14.00 1984 Disinvested in  1994
5. Pesticides/weedicides formulation,
Salim Tabri, Ludhiana
(M/s. Sunbeam Agro Chemicals Ltd.)
E.C. Formulations of Butacholor, Mono-crotophos, Endosulphan, Di-methoate, Fenvalerate, Cypermetherin. 1.21 0.20 Sept.,1985 Disinvested in August, 1991
6. Fuel Briquettes from agro residues viz. Rice Husk, Cotton Stalks and Bagasse
Malerkotla Dist. Sangrur.
(M/s. Punjab Energy Devices Ltd.)
Fuel Briquettes 6.60 1.98 June, 1985 Disinvested in Oct., 1994
7. Phosphatic Fertilizer & Sulphuric Acid
Village Singhpura, Dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Agro Chem Punjab Ltd.)
Single Super Phosphate – Powder & Granules, Sulphuric Acid. 82.32 6.80 Dec., 1986 Disinvested in April, 1991
8. Technical Grade
Weedicides, Vill. Toansa, Distt. Hoshiarpur.
(M/s. Montari Industries Ltd.)
Butachlor & Isoproturon. 78.00 0.82 Jan.,1987 Disinvested in Oct.,1991
9. Integrated paddy processing complex
Village Budhewal, Distt. Ludhiana
(M/s. Grain Tech India Ltd. erstwhile M/s. Agro Tech India Ltd)
Rice, Parboiled Rice, Cattlefeed,  Vanaspati Ghee, Rice Bran Oil. 574.90 44.20 Sept.1989 Sept., 1994
10. Soft Drink Concentrate, Fruits & Vegetables  Processing and Snack Foods,
Channo Dist. Patiala and
Zahura Dist. Hoshiarpur.
(M/s. Pepsi Foods Pvt. Ltd.)
Snack Foods, Beverage Concentrates, Processed Fruits & Vegetables. 685.00 90.30 May, 1990. Disinvested in 1994-95
11. Kraft Paper from Agro Residues
Vill. Fatehpur, Kurali 
Dist. Ropar
(M/s. Rana Mohendra Papers Ltd. – erstwhile M/s. Agro Boards Ltd.)
Kraft Paper. 49.20 1.70 Oct., 1990 Disinvested in Sept., 1994.
12. Hybrid Seeds,
Dera Bassi, Mohali.
(Omega Ag-Seeds (Punjab) Ltd.)
Hybrid Seeds 54.00 8.00 ------- April 1996
13. Processing of Tomatoes,
Jandiala Guru, Distt. Amritsar
(M/s. Nijjer Agro Foods Ltd.)
Tomato Paste/ Ketchup, Chilli Paste, Desi Ghee, Milk Powder and Condensed Milk 128.90 11.10 May, 1991 May, 1998
14. Sugar Mill
Dist. Hoshiarpur
(M/s. Oswal Sugars Ltd.)
Sugar crystals 320.00 31.90 Jan., 1992 Disinvested in July, 1992.
15. Semen Processing Centre
Vill. Kisanpura, dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Superior Genetic (India) Ltd.)
Frozen Semens 65.30 13.50 -------- Sept., 2000
16. Sugar Mill
Vill. Butter Saviyan,
Dist. Amritsar.
(M/s. Rana Sugars Ltd.)
Sugar Crystals & Power co- generation 675.50 61.00 Dec., 1993 Disinvested in 2004-06 under OTS. Matter is in court
17. Mushroom Growing and Canning
Vill. Lalru, Dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Agro Dutch Foods Ltd.)
Button Mushrooms & Canned Mushrooms. 235.00 30.00 July, 1994 Disinvested in Dec., 1999.
18. Honey, honey based health foods/cosmetics and bee keeping equipments,
Village Alamgir, Distt. Patiala
(M/s. Honey Bee Natural Products Ltd.)
Processed Honey 20.50 2.10 Jan., 1995 Jan., 2000
19. Growing of Roses,
Vilalge Starpur, Distt. Patiala
(M/s. Punjab Blossoms Ltd.)
Roses & Cut flowers. 30.30 3.92 April, 1995 April, 2000
20 Solvent extraction & refining of vegetable oils,
Quadian, Distt. Gurdaspur
(M/s. Bajwa Agro Industries Ltd.)
Refined Vegetable Oils, Deoiled Cake. 142.50 21.80 April, 1995 April, 2000
21. Shoes and shoe uppers
Village Banmajra & Mathari, Distt. Ropar
(M/s. Domino Leathers Ltd.)
Shoe Uppers & Shoes 164.00 25.60 Oct., 1995 Oct., 2000
22. Frozen boneless buffalo meat,
Village Behra,  Distt. Patiala
(M/s. PML Industries Ltd.)
Frozen Boneless Buffalo Meat 396.80 46.00 March, 1996 March, 2001
23. Essential oils and aroma chemicals from aromatic plants,
Village Machana, Distt. Bhatinda
(M/s. Punjab Phytochemicals Ltd.)
Essential oils and aroma chemicals from aromatic plants, 32.70 5.85 August, 1996 August, 2001.
24. Invert Sugar from Sugar Crystals
Village Lalru, Distt. Patiala
(M/s. Punjab Bio-Tech Sugars Ltd.)
Invert Sugar 16.00 3.00 Feb., 1997 Feb., 2002
25. Day old broiler chicks,
Rajpura, Distt. Patiala
(M/s. Punjab Breeders Ltd.)
Day old broiler chicks 18.80 3.15 Feb., 1997 Sept., 2002
26. Multi Oilseed processing,
Village Simbli,
Distt. Hoshiarpur
(M/s. Deol Agro Oils Ltd.)
Vegetable oils, Deoiled Cake. 72.80 17.30 Dec., 1997 Dec., 2002
27. Kraft paper from agro residues/ waste paper,
Village Tappa, Dist. Sangrur.
(M/s. Sukhraj Agro Papers Ltd.)
Kraft paper 47.60 10.30 Feb., 1998 Feb., 2003
28. Egg powders & frozen egg liquids,
Village Uchimangli,
Distt. Ludhiana
(M/s. A.G. Foods Ltd.)
Egg powders & frozen egg liquids, 180.50 27.00 July, 1998 July, 2003
29. Rice Mill,
Vill. Nayamatpur,
Dist. Patiala
(M/s. Sumer International Ltd.)
Quality Rice 46.60 5.00 May, 1999 May, 2004
30. Spice Oils and Oleoresins
Village Kotli Muglan,
Distt. Gurdaspur.
(M/s. Recherche Spice Oils Ltd.)
Spice Oils and Oleoresins 37.10 9.27 June, 1999 June, 2004
31. Wine from grapes
Village Kot Shamir Distt. Bathinda
(M/s. Golden Agro Winery Ltd.)
Wine from grapes 8.75 1.87 Dec., 1999 Dec., 2004
32. Cheese, butter, ghee & pasteurized milk from whole milk,
Vill. Aluwan, Dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Punjab Milkchem Ltd.)
Cheese, Butter, Ghee & Pasteurized Milk 72.40 10.47 Feb., 2000 Feb., 2005
33. Fruits & Vegetables Processing Unit
Vill. Rajgarh, Dist. Patiala
(M/s. Himalayan Frozen Foods Ltd.)
Fruit Juice Concentrates, Pickles &  Tomato Ketch-up 97.00 7.80 April, 2000 April, 2005.
34. Tissue Culture
Village Mallakpur,
Dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Phulwari Bio-tech Ltd.)
Tissue cultured plants. 9.35 0.37 Oct., 2000 Oct., 2005
35. Processing of Fruit Juice Concentrate Unit,
Vill. Rajgarh,
Teh. Rajpura, Dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Green Bagh Foods Ltd.)
Juice concentrates and Paste of Fruits. 61.00 2.00 -------- March, 2006.
36. Fruit & Vegetable Processing Unit
Vill. Dalo Majra, Near Sirhind, Dist. Fatehgarh Sahib
(M/s. Pagro Foods Ltd.)
Frozen Fruits & Vegetables 75.00 6.50 Jan., 2002 Co. deposited amount under OTS. Matter being examined.
37. Vital Wheat Gluten
Village Kotli Muglan, Pathankot, Dist. Gurdaspur
(M/s. Pioneer Industries Ltd.)
Vital Wheat Gluten and
Starch A and B
300.00 20.90 March, 2002 Co. deposited amount under OTS.
38. Dehydration/Canning of Fruits & Vegetables,
Vill. Madhopur,
Dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Glossy Foods Ltd.)
Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables 61.00 6.30 April, 2002 April, 2007.
39. Integrated Honey Processing Project
Vill. Jalalpur, near Banur,
Dist. Patiala.
(M/s. Kejriwal Bee Care India Pvt. Ltd.)
Processed  Honey 65.00 3.20 2005-06 PAIC is yet to exercise its option of  disinvestment.
40. Automatic Packaging unit, Waehouse & Cold Store
Village Channo,
Dist. Sangrur.
(M/s. International Fresh Farm Products (India) Ltd.)
Back-end agri infrastructure. 92.50 2.15 2006-07 PAIC is yet to exercise its option of  disinvestment
41. Integrated Potato Processing Project
Vill. Partapura, Dist. Jalandhar.
(M/s. Satnam Agri Projects Ltd.)
French Fries, Potato Flakes & Frozen Peas/cut vegetables. 373.70 27.30 Nov., 2007 PAIC is yet to exercise its option of  disinvestment.
42. Integrated Vegetable Processing
Bara Farm, Sirhind
Dist. Fatehgarh Sahib.
(M/s. Punjab Agri Ventures Limited) 
Frozen fruits & vegetables and ready to eat/serve food products 270.00 25.80 2007-08 PAIC is yet to exercise its option of disinvestment.
43. Integrated Milk Processing
Focal Point, Mandi Gobindgarh
Dist. Patiala
(M/s. Chanakya Dairy Products Limited)
Butter/Ghee,  Pasteurized  Milk & Skimmed Milk Powder 127.50 9.26 2007 PAIC is yet to exercise its option of disinvestment..
44. Grain based Distillery
Vill. Kiri Afgana, Dist. Gurdaspur.
( M/s. A.B. Grain Spirits Pvt. Ltd.)
IMFL & country liquor and Grain Neutral Alcohol 1150.00 61.50 Feb-March 2008 PAIC is yet to exercise its option of disinvestment.
                          Total:   7050.01 691.93    
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