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Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited



Right to Information Act, 2005

Punjab Agro Juices Limited (PAJL)

The particulars of its organization, functions and duties - back


Punjab Agro Juices Limited was incorporated in February, 2006 with its registered office at Plot No. 2 A, Sector-28 A, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh in accordance with the provision under the Companies Act, 1956. Present authorized share capital of the company is Rs. 50,01,00,000 and paid up capital is Rs.50,00,00,700.


Punjab Agro Juices Limited was established as a Special Purpose Vehicle by Government of Punjab in February, 2006 to set up two multi fruit processing units at Hoshiarpur and Abohar. These plants are the first of its kind to process different varieties of citrus as well as other fruits and vegetables like Tomato, Carrot, Melon, Mango, Guava, Pear, Sweet Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Aloevera, Apple and Amla etc. These plants are the only plants in India to de-bitter the fruit juices such as Kinnows & Mossambi etc. Plants were set up by the state government, keeping following objectives in view:

  • To provide support for both existing Kinnow growers as well as new citrus growers by developing de-bittering technology.
  • To support small and marginal farmers of respective areas to grow seasonal fruits and vegetables and enable them to earn higher incomes per    acre.

  • To support Punjab’s fruit and vegetable production that is characterized by short harvesting seasons and high productivity.
  • To select a breakthrough technology that could handle different types of fruits and vegetables to optimize capacity utilization of the plants.

    Commercial production at Hoshiarpur Plant was started w.e.f 08.01.2008 and at Abohar plant w.e.f. 29.01.2008.

    Financial Structure

    The Project at Abohar was set up at a cost of Rs.41.62 Crores and Project at Hoshiarpur at Rs.42.49 Crores. The total cost for two projects is being        Rs.84.11 Crores. The funding of these projects is as under:
    Funding Pattern
    Equity from Government                               50.00 Crores
    Grants from NHM, ASIDE, MOFPI             10.17 Crores
    Term Loans from IOB                                   23.94 Crores
    Total                                                             84.11 Crores

    The Project Approval Board (PAB) of Punjab Government in its meeting held on 04.07.2007 decided to disinvest its equity and the matter stands referred to Department of Disinvestment for the further necessary action. They have already appointed M/s Deloitte Touche Tohmastu India Pvt. Ltd. as Global Advisors and M/s Khaitan & Co as Legal Advisors for the process. The process of disinvestment of Government stake in PAJL is moving ahead.

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