Blockchain integration


Implementing the Impeccable Blend of Blockchain and Traceability in Farming

Food safety is the condition of processing, managing, and storing food in a hygienic manner. In order to maintain food safety, the blockchain technology could act as a big boon for agriculture-oriented data management projects where it has an amazing ability to keep the data secure and transparent. Blockchain provides an efficient solution for improved traceability of food regarding its safety and transparency. 



We at PAGREXCO integrate the blockchain technology for the traceability of information in food production, security, and safety. The technology provides us a secure way of storing and managing agri-based data, which includes different phases and activities of the food production. 



All the farming-related information at every stage of its production is accessible to Government, businesses, and consumers with just one click. Consequently, this allows us to facilitate the agriculture sector and use data-driven innovations for smart farming in Punjab.

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