eOffice – A Digital Workplace Solution


eOffice is a digital workplace solution developed under the National e-Governance Programme of the Government with a vision to achieve a Simplified, Responsive, Effective and Transparent paperless working in Government offices by providing suitable way to officials to access information related to every aspect of their working and knowledge sharing through a single gateway to information and services.



Punjab Agro had initiated the e-office well before the outbreak of Covid-19, but implemented it fully during the lockdown imposed by the Government to contain the pandemic situation. It is an important breakthrough towards strengthening the Governmental decision-making machinery by extending the use of modern information and communication technology to the Government processes.

With the implementation of eOffice, Punjab Agro has achieved:

  1. Being an eco-friendly Organization, by considerably cutting down on the usage of paper.
  2. Practice social distancing in this pandemic situation.
  3. Enhanced transparency.
  4. Increased accountability.
  5. Assured data security and data integrity.
  6. Release of staff energy and time from unproductive procedures.
  7. Transformation of the Government work culture and ethics.


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