Facilitation in export


Helping farmers reap maximum benefits for their fresh vegetables and fruits Export


As the lack of proper transport facilities is a huge hassle for farmers to sell their produce to the distant markets at lucrative prices, they are marketing their produce in the neighboring market places in Punjab. In an endeavour to help farmers reap maximum benefits for their vegetables and fruits, PAGREXCO has set up infrastructure facilities at five different grading and waxing centres at different locations in Punjab. 

With our industry know-how and enthusiasm, we are dedicatedly facilitating the state’s farmers by providing them a multitude of facilities in the form of waxing, grading, packaging, transportation, roadways, labour, etc.

Further, acknowledging the ever-increasing demand of fruits and vegetables among customers in distant markets of India, majorly the southern and eastern parts. PAGREXCO also markets agriculture produce such as the kinnow fruit at pan India level. We are tied up with prominent e-market companies such as Big Basket, NeML, and Sammunanti, giving farmers access to better facilities and lucrative prices. 

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