Facilitation in marketing


PAGREXCO is facilitating the farmers of Punjab by providing them good-quality potato seeds such as C1 Grade seeds. This directly increases their productivity and helps them earn more for their production.

Punjab Agricultural University has generous proof dependent on expanded studies that confirms the way that Punjab Seed potato is created in an area which is likewise liberated from potato tuber moths. It is a nuisance wherein hatchling burrows into foliage, stem and tubers and structures displays close to the tuber eyes. This bug is acquainted with another district through contaminated tubers. Be that as it may, fears of such pervasion stop to exist in the Punjab area which produces one of the best (bother/contamination free) Punjab seed potato. 

Significant imperatives in potato creation are creepy crawlies, nematodes, growth and different pathogens which represents significant yield misfortune all through the world. Brilliant Cyst nematodes known for making a staggering impact on the yield is available in numerous locales across India while Punjab potato seed developing district is liberated from this, which thus ensures its opportunity from the bug. In Punjab, potato editing season is portrayed by long and serious winters which encourages in keeping aphid, an infection transmitting specialist underneath as far as possible. The territorial climate joined with the act of seed plot procedure has kept the pervasion of this lethal infection underneath as far as possible along these lines guaranteeing high return a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

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