Farm to Fork


Farm to Fork: An Innovative, Real-Time Traceability System

At PAGREXCO, we acknowledge that food safety is a growing concern for consumers in today’s world. To get to the bottom of food safety, traceability is a quality-management tool that enables food business operators to respond to the needs of consumers. That is why we came up with an innovative, real-time solution – ‘Farm to Fork’. 

‘Farm to Fork’ is a part of our traceability system where consumers and organizations can identify the origin of organic food like its seed, ingredients, sources, etc. Basically, it allows you to document or locate our food products through the stages and operations involved in the manufacturing, processing, distribution, and handling of food, from primary production to consumption viz. ‘Farm to Fork’. 


Implementation of our traceability system – ‘Farm to Fork’ improves food safety and quality compliance programs. The resulting visibility of organic food production enables us to focus more on our practices and sections where we can improve. It, therefore, facilitates the identification of the product and improves food quality and integrity.



A maneuver that promotes the serving and traceability of freshly-processed food directly to your dining table, Farm-to-Fork incorporates a form of food traceability where the origin of the food is identifiable for you. Consequently, this builds a direct relationship between farmers and consumers, a more trustworthy food processing and supplying network.


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