Farmer Producer Organization(FPO)

The farmers of Punjab, especially small and marginal farmers, are passing through a tough time with limited resource availability, rising input prices, higher vulnerabilities to climate, and market risks. This will make it difficult for farmers to carry out agricultural practices economically. Therefore, the challenge is to identify sustainable solutions that are efficient, environment-friendly, and at the same time inclusive in terms of addressing the needs of the small and marginal farmers. FPO can provide one such opportunity to the farmers. 

Showcasing of farming produce is an unpredictable procedure in India. Farmers don’t approach showcase, they are offering their produce to the middle people who work in the market on account of this their benefit edge is decreased and their cultivating business turns into a non-feasible one. We can assemble farmers in gatherings and construct their affiliations called as Farmer Producer Organization (FPOs). FPO is a way to unite the little and peripheral farmers and other little makers to assemble their own business undertaking that will be overseen by experts. FPO offer little ranchers to partake in the market all the more adequately and help to improve agricultural production, efficiency and benefit. 

The primary objective of FPO is to help small farmers in the country to enhance agricultural production, productivity and profitability. 

Other objectives are-

  • To support the selection of appropriate crops which are suitable for their area and which are having market demand.
  • To provide access to modern technology through community-based processes for improving productivity and quality of produce.
  • To facilitate to access forward linkages for new technologies for improving productivity, for value addition of the produce and market tie-ups.
  • To ensure access to use of quality inputs and services for improving agricultural production.
  • To help farmers to strengthen their capacity for increasing productivity through use of best agricultural practices.
  • To help to link producers to market for getting fair prices for their produce.

PAGREXCO is implementing the FPO Policy in Punjab in association with PAU, Ludhiana. Additionally, PAGREXCO would act as a State Nodal Agency (SNA) for implementation and strengthening of the FPO policy in the state of Punjab. This is a notable step in the advancement and strengthening of the agriculture sector in Punjab. 
FPO policy(English)
FPO policy(Punjabi)
FPO Brochure(English)
FPO_Proposal forms

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