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Located at South-Western Punjab about 325 km west of Chandigarh. Fazilka is near the India-Pakistan border which is 11 km away.

The district has an extreme climate, with the summers being very hot and the winters being very cold. The River Sutlej runs through the district.

Fazilka is the district headquarter and the district is divided into 3 tehsils namely; Fazilka, Abhor and Jalalabad. There are 315 villages in the district and 74% of the population resides in rural area and balance in urban areas.


Geographical area– 2.87 lakh ha
Net sown area – 2.53 lakh hectares (88%)
Cropping intensity – 186%
Soil types: Alluvial (69%) and desert soil (31%)
Top Agricultural Crops

Production trend (MTs)

Top Horticultural Crops

Production Trend (MTs) – Fruits

Production Trend (MTs) – Vegetables

Allied Activities
The district produces both IMC varieties of fish and Shrimp. The IMC varieties go to Bathinda and Ludhiana markets for auction whereas Shrimp is taken by traders from South for processing and export to China, USA etc.

The production of milk has been growing over the years with 12 lakh liter/day during 2019-20. There are many processors manufacturing paneer, curd, milk, khoya, cream etc.

Food Processing Industries
There are 100 rice mills, 4 mini flour mills, 150+ attachakki, 5 solvent extraction units, 150 bakeries & 80 Kinnow waxing plant etc. in Fazilka district
Major Enterprises:
Micro enterprises:

Major fruit grown is Kinnow with average productivity of 22.4 MT/hectare, the total production of Kinnow in the district is 7,61,1297 MT. Progressive Farmers of this district are producing Kinnow of high standards which is being exported to different countries. The district tops in the production of kinnow and sweet orange amongst all of the state.Newly released varieties like Daisy, W. Murcot, Early Gold and PAU Kinnow no-1 are getting popular among farmers and they are expanding area under these varieties.
The district is second highest producer of ber after district Bathinda at 306 Hectare (4,970 MT).

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