The Finest Fertilizers to Help Farmers Enhance their Agricultural Production

A fertilizer is a natural or synthetic substance used to add one or more much-needed nutrients to the soil or plants. Fertilizers are nutrient-rich and act as a key source of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, which are imperative for the growth of plants. They enable farmers to increase the productivity of their crops.

Punjab: The Agricultural Leader of India

Punjab is well-known all over the nation for its agricultural niche. The land of Punjab is perfect for cropping, which is why a high percentage of land is occupied by agricultural activities over here. At present, Punjab is the largest producer of wheat in India with a productivity of approximately 2 million tonnes every year. Punjab has aided its agricultural sector with a series of schemes and services which are acting as a boost for the economy of the State.

What is the Importance of Fertilizers in Agriculture?

In this present world’s scenario, it is quite a difficult task to meet the demands of the ever-increasing population with a handful of resources. Over the past few years, the loss of soil fertility, an increase in the number of pests, and lack of nutrients have projected consequences, which include decreased agricultural production. Therefore, the demand and use of the fertilizers have been simultaneously skyrocketing in the agriculture sector.

As per the Government’s data, the consumption of fertilizers is 247.46 kg per hectare in the State of Punjab, as compared to 90 kg per hectare nationally.

Listed below are some key points that indicate how important fertilizers are for crops:

o   Fertilizers are very useful in increasing the tolerance power of plants against pests.

o   They help plants increase their water holding capacity and consequently, improve their root depth.

o   The Potassium content present in the fertilizers empowers the straws and stalks of the plants.

o   The Phosphorus constituent of the fertilizers results in faster development of roots and seeds in the plants.

o   The Nitrogen present in the fertilizers enhances the growth of plants.

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