Building close relationships with the state’s farmers

Sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables can be tricky as a lot of work goes on the backend of the process to find the produce that best fits the production requirements. Sourcing is very imperative and has a huge impact on the supply chain of produce. 

In order to attain an increased efficiency and reduced risk, we at PAGREXCO work hard to build close relationships with farmers and help them get remunerative prices for their produce. 

Fruits and vegetables are sourced and purchased directly from farmers as per pre-existing price and subsequently, they are brought to our pack-houses before getting exported to distant markets. 


Leveraging the potential of the state’s farmers

In the year 2012, PAGREXO set up five pack-houses for washing, grading, sorting, and packaging agricultural and horticultural products in Punjab, providing facilities for distant marketing and exporting of fruits and vegetables. 

Each one of these pack-houses spread over half an acre land and act as collection or sourcing center for fruits and vegetables in their respective regions. 

Strategically located in the fruits and vegetables growing clusters of Punjab like Patiala, Sangrur, Ludhiana, Ropar, etc., these pack houses serve facilities like washing-waxing-grading-packing, pre-cooling, and cold storage. With enhanced coverage and sourcing, we are leveraging the potential of the state’s farmers. 

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