At a glance

Gurdaspur district is the Northernmost district of Punjab. The district is bounded by river Ravi and Beas.
The climate of the district is tropical type with four well defined seasons

Gurdaspur is the district headquarter and the district is divided into 5tehsils namely; Gurdaspur, Batala, Dera Baba Nanak, Dinanagar and Kalanaur. There are 1416 villages in the district and more than 78% of the population resides in rural area .
Geographical area– 2.57 lakh ha
Net sown area – 2.09 lakh hectares (81%)
Cropping intensity – 197%
Soil types: Alluvial

Production Trend (MTs)

Top Horticultural Crops


Allied Activities
The production of fish in the district is fluctuating between 7,000 to 8,000 MT in last three years.

The district produces over 15 lakhlitre/day of milk. After adjusting the quantity for home consumption (about 55% of total production), the surplus production computes to about 6.75 lac litre.

Micro enterprises
There are over 50 small sized conventional rice mills, 800+ attachakkis, 300 oil expellers,200 + bakery units, 145+ of jaggery units in the district.

There are large numbers of individuals/FPOs/Registered Cooperatives manufacturing pickles, murraba, sherbet, chutney, juice etc. in the district


Sugarcane & allied products has been selected as ODOP of the district. The district is the second highest producer of sugarcane after Hoshiarpur in Punjab.Sugarcane is widely used in the district to manufacture Jaggery and Jaggery products. Jaggery is traditional Indian Sweetener without any chemical.Jaggery is predominantly sucrose with traces of mineral salts. It has many health benefits as compared to sugar.
There are about XXXSugarcane processing unitsin district Gurdaspur. Majority of these units are located on the XXXXXX
Most of the micro enterprises involved in jaggery production follows conventional system of production through open pan boiling furnace, molding of jaggery in wooden panel etc. Juice extraction, filtration and boiling of juice for concentration and then cooling and solidifying to give jaggery blocks. During boiling chemical bleaching agents or natural vegetable items like Bhindi (Lady finger) are added to clean the juice and the extraneous matter is constantly removed to give a bright golden colour. Baring a couple of units, all these units needs technological up-gradation to enhance quality and shelf life of their products.
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