Five Rivers and the Marketing Strategy: Helping Farmers Reach the Right End User

PAGREXCO provides support to the state’s farmers by hand-holding them in brand promotion and marketing, allowing farmers to build more reliable market linkages for their organic produce. 

From planning and organizing to directing and handling of organic produce, everything is done in such a way that it satisfies farmers, intermediaries, and consumers. 

We source food products directly from the farmers and process and pack them with utmost hygiene. Then, they are sold in different marketing ways, such as:

  • B2B or B2C. 
  • Specialized Organic Marts named Organic Huts. 
  • National and international exhibitions. 
  • Trade fairs and workshops. 
  • And more…

All of the organic products are sold under the brand name ‘Five Rivers’ and for the marketing of bulk volumes, distributors could be engaged. 

With the right marketing, we aim to spread the word about Organic Products and help people get back to their roots because, as we say Organic is not a trend, it’s a tradition! 

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