Fresh fruits and Vegetables


A Maneuver to Strengthen the Production of Fruits and Vegetables in Punjab

Apart from the most water-intensive crops of the state, devoting more area under fruits and vegetables is a great maneuver to increase farm incomes, overall agricultural output, and conserving water resources. Punjab is already a significant contributor to fresh vegetables and fruits production in India, an export-surplus state that has an immense potential to increase its contribution towards the economy. 

In 2000-01, the production of fruits and vegetables was 28 lakh tonnes in the state of Punjab, which gradually became 54 lakh tonnes in 2013-14. 

Also, Punjab is a world-renowned citrus fruit producer, extensively producing fresh and juicy kinnows due to the availability of favorable climatic and soil type. As the area and production of fruits and vegetables have been increasing steadily in Punjab, more farmers are seeking interests in the production of fruits and vegetables. The Government of Punjab is also encouraging them to shift towards value-added, water-light crops viz. fruits and vegetables. 

Boosting the Export of the State-Grown Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 

Apparently, most of the sale of fruits and vegetables happen through traditional value chains where different stakeholders of the value chain like farmers, wholesalers, processors, retailers, etc. work more or less in isolation. This is where a lack of collaborative demand forecasting and production planning in the backend with information sharing is causing inefficiencies in the system. You can imagine the rate of insufficiencies from the fact that farmers get only 35-40% of the retail price paid by consumers. 

In order to boost the export and production of perishable products grown in Punjab, the State Government has established a separate corporation – Punjab Agri Export Corporation (PAGREXCO). 

PAGREXCO is responsible for promoting the export of fresh fruits and vegetables outside the country and also to the distant markets within the country, helping the state’s farmers realize better returns for their produce. 

At PAGREXCO, we are dedicatedly working on minimizing the gap between farmers and consumers by contributing to a paradigm shift in the way food is produced, processed, and sold. We understand that fruits and vegetables are highly perishable in nature and require infrastructure for cold storage, special processing, transportation, and marketing. In a quest to expand the nitty-gritty production of the state, PAGREXCO has established state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet all the needs related to processing, grading, sorting, transporting, etc. of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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