“Eating Organic is not a Trend. It’s Returning Back to Tradition.”


Organic farming is a feasible alternative production method for farmers, a sustainable approach to solving production problems. It yields such vital benefits as the preservation of the soil’s organic composition, soil structure, and biodiversity. 

Strictly speaking, organic farming is the ultimate way to make farming environment-friendly, without exposing it to toxic matters. 

Organic farming requires more knowledge, transparency, and farmer-buyer relationship so that consumers could know who is growing the food, where is it coming from, and how is it being grown. 

To empower the organic farming in the lush green State of Punjab, renowned for its state-of-the-art agricultural and technological advancements, our corporation is thrusting the movement with its know-how. 

We are on a constant mission to make organic the new normal and root back to our traditions with this approach. 

An Endeavour to Persuade More Farmers towards Organic Farming

At PAGREXCO, we are fervently encouraging organic farming in the state of Punjab, implementing the Organic Programme, and providing institutional support to the organic farmers under various Government of India schemes. 

As an Organic Certified Corporation, we strictly stand for agriculture and food production regulations, ensuring the organic food is verified as per the organic farming standards. 

Go Organic! Go Healthy!

With a vision to revolutionize organic farming in Punjab once again, a base of 5,000 farmers with an area of 15,000 acres is under organic certification regime where organic food is grown with obedience to organic standards of National and International production. Certified by renowned global agencies with full traceability, PAGREXCO keeps on directing and monitoring the associated farmers keenly in the field. 

Our entire team of experts, condescendingly working and spinning the pedal to keep moving forward in this organic movement, is the ultimate zeal of the organization, setting new horizons year-on-year. 

With our prestigious brand – “Five Rivers”, we are dedicatedly promoting organic products on a large scale where consumers are empowering our organic farming endeavour. 

As a team at PAGREXCO, we work tirelessly to yield more natural, chemical-free food at farms, and influence healthy lifestyles and habits through our organization. We take pride in propping up organic farming in our state of Punjab to newer galaxies and primarily focusing on motivating others to make this world a much-needed sustainable place.

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