Biofertilizers contain living or latent cells and even some microorganisms, and help the soil to retain its fertility. They also destroy pathogenic components responsible for diseases in plants. Biofertilizers are more cost-effective as compared to inorganic fertilizers and above everything, they are environment-friendly.

The bio fertilizers are utilized to upgrade the development and organic product bearing limit of the plant without having any sort of negative effect on the plant or soil. These manures are applied to the outside of the plant, soil or seeds. The bio composts likewise increment the accessibility of the supplements to the plant and increment the development rate and occupy the inside of the plant. The principle capacity of bio composts is to include the characteristic components like settling the nitrogen in soil, solubilizing the phosphorus in the dirt and increment the incitement of development advancing components of the plant. We are the main producer of a wide assortment of bio composts like natural, micronutrient, agrarian, potassium nitrate and sulfate, NPK, zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate manure. Every assortment is confirmed and endorsed by the administration to guarantee the wellbeing and exactness of the dirt and plant. 

The scope of bio fertilizers we make are provided in the twelfth biggest territory of India, Punjab and having the sixteenth most measure of populace. We flexibly each sort of bio compost in all the 22 regions of Punjab including Amritsar, Bathinda, Jalandhar, Mansa, Patiala, Ludhiana, and so forth. Every one of the manure from the different range is offered to the client in the ideal measure of bundling and according to the prerequisite of the harvest. The bio compost we offer has a wide scope of advantages over compound manure of which the fundamental is that it isn’t unsafe to the plants and wellbeing of humans. The fertilizers are required in less amount, for example less portion more benefit. Our profile manure has best quality segments blended in with precise sum making compelling items having extraordinary effect on the profitability of the plant.