PAJL is relentlessly developing top-notch facilities in order to push the boundaries because the sky’s the limit when it comes to productivity. With more ongoing researches and developments, PAJL is deriving new products that are being well-received by the consumers. In this endeavour, there are many facilities that are integrated for food and beverage processing. 

  • A deep freezer of storage capacity 1000 MT provided at both plants.
  • A cold freezer of storage capacity 1000 MT enabled at both plants.
  • Processing capacity for citrus fruit up to 20 MT per hour.
  • Processing capacity up to 10 MT per hour for vegetables and non-citrus fruits. 
  • Availability of one of its very first de-bittering facility for citrus fruits in India.
  • PET bottling unit with bottle blowing facility.

To avoid the post-harvest loss and to extend substantial returns to processors for off-season consumption, availability of cold storage, deep freezer, process units and convenience of roads have been enabled by PAJL. Additionally, PAJL is encouraging 3rd party employment/jobs for manufacturing PET (Plastic) bottles for the company. This is a prominent step that allows other small-scaled businesses to come ahead and leverage business benefits with PAJL. 


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