Primary processing


At PAJL, we serve the best because you deserve the best – food!

The fertile land of Punjab is rich in terms of harvesting of fruits and vegetables where its kinnows are already world-renowned. The state produces myriads of fruits and vegetables every year, booming the agriculture sector of the country. To reap the maximum benefits of this boon, PAJL takes one step further.

We carry out the quality food processing methods to deliver you the best-in-class food 

The primary processing is the stage where we carry out extraction of fruit and vegetable juices/ concentrates/ pulp/ paste and subsequently use the food for B2B purposes. The raw, processed food is either consumed individually or used in the manufacturing of other food products. 

At our modern processing units, a multitude of procured vegetables and fruits are precisely stored after the harvesting and then used for the manufacturing of food products. Subsequently, these fruits and vegetables are processed into food products, using a variety of technical methods. 

The juices/ concentrates/ pulps/ pastes we extract are generally seven times concentrated than normal fruit and vegetable juice and are preserved in proper aseptic packages of different quantities which have an increased shelf life of minimum 2 years. 

Additionally, we also cater to 3rd party job work where we can proficiently process and provide on-demand fruit and vegetable food such as paste, bulk, concentrates, etc. for the respective party. In short, we assure that what you are going to get will be best-in-class.    

Consume the refreshing and appetizing taste of Punjab.





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