As a global first, PAJL has set up state-of-the-art facilities to process large quantities of fruits and vegetables. The machinery for the plants has been procured from CFTSPA Italy a leading international food engineering company. The plants were the first in the country to process citrus fruits and de-bitter juices. Each plant has the capacity to process upto20 tonnes of citrus fruit per hour and upto 10 tonnes per hour of other fruits and vegetables with ready cold storage and deep freezer capacity of 1000 MT for each. The plants have the in-built capacity of handling and processing a variety of fruits and vegetables with quick changeover from one fruit/vegetable to another like mango, kinnow, guava, pear and water melon. Aseptic packaging of fruit and vegetable extracts ensure that they are fresh all through the process and storage. The beverages are made preservatives free and have a longer shelf life.



The company also manufactures fruit  beverages, pulps and concentrates of different varieties which are supplied to national and multinational companies. It is one of the few companies that acts as both the primary processor as well as the secondary packaging of fruit beverages in India.

Multinational and domestic private players are making a good use the high-end fruit and vegetable processing facility at Hoshiarpur and Abohar to execute several contractual works for reputed national and international brands.



 Domestic and International Consumption

With growing awareness about food habits, people are choosing healthy and natural options – nothing comes closer to fruits and vegetables in terms of providing wholesome nutrition to human body replete with minerals and vitamins. With a legacy in the business of processing fruits and vegetables, PAJL launches a range of its beverages and food accompaniments under the brand name Five Rivers.

Note: The brand also exports Chilli paste to Gulf countries which is a promising market for the product.



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