Five Rivers is the brand name for the range of products manufactured by PAJL and its sister concern PAGREXCO. The products especially fruit beverages and other derivatives are made from the fruits and vegetable which are grown especially in the region.

Juice Bars

PAJL is a pioneer in popularizing the concept of juice bars. PAJL is avant-garde in setting up juice bar outlets across North India including Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh, Rajasthan and Haryana providing employment opportunities to the unemployed people of the region.

A Wide Range of Products under the Name Five Rivers 

Flavour, flavour, multiple flavours, which flavour do you want! From an array of freshly processed fruit beverages, get spoilt for choice for a rejuvenating blissful experience. Five Rivers Fruit Beverages are the ultimate fruit drink for everyone replete with vitamins and minerals to give you boundless energy and joy.

Available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1-litre Pet Bottle as well 200 ml and upcoming product.

Dusheri Mango Drink
The king of fruits – Mango and its large varieties! Each one with a distinctive flavour. India rules the roost as far as mango production is concerned. Explore and savour the impeccable taste and sweetness of Dusheri mango in Five Rivers Mango Drink.

Guava Drink
You will feel be surprised to know that Guava is not native to our country but is the fifth largest in its production in the world. Relish the fresh and inimitable flavour of this unique fruit in Five Rivers Guava Drink.

Litchi Drink
Yummy and refreshing! Gulp the exquisite distinct favour of juicy litchi from wide range of offerings from Five Rivers fruit beverages.

Mixed Fruit Drink
Enrich yourself with the taste, flavour and nutrition from the rich fruit bowl of locally grown fruits. Irresistible and uncompromising! Enjoy health, strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body – you are having the best of fruit bowl in The Mixed Fruit Drink from Five Rivers.

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