Secondary processing


Quality Food Products that Reflect Our Holistic Approach

Secondary processing is all about turning the primarily processed food into other food products either on their own or by mixing them with other ingredients. Here, the physical form of processed food can change quite significantly as a result of processing. 

The art of processing fresh and appetizing fruits and vegetables of Punjab

At PAJL, secondary processing is proficiently directed towards producing B2C products viz. fruit beverages, tomato ketchup, tomato soup concentrate, jams, etc. Subsequent to primary processing, the extracts of fruits & vegetables are converted into consumable products that are ready-for-sale in the local and distant retail markets. In other words, secondary processing is the conversion of primarily processed food into edible products which involves combining foods in a particular way. 

The final ready-to-serve food product is packed and sold under the name ‘Five Rivers’ and displays the basic analytical characteristics equivalent to those of its fresh counterpart. PAJL also caters to the 3rd party needs for packing or processing purposes. We carry out the secondary processing stage in an endeavor to assure our consumers that the food products can be used for various purposes without being quickly spoiled.



Flow Chart of Sauces and Spreads



Ready To Drink Fruit Beverages



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