Procurement, Storage and Processing


At PAGREXCO, cultivating the best procurement practices in agriculture is of paramount importance. Our agri-savvy experts have the know-how in all indirect and direct procurement practices. The procurement of organic produce is done after three years of organic certification. The certified organic produce is procured at remunerative prices from our associated groups of farmers from 20,000 acres. 

The organic produce is stored in specialized structures – cocoons, free from chemicals, explicitly imported for the purpose of preservation and protection of food. The produce gets tested each year for being pesticide-free from NABL-accredited labs.

The organic produce is processed at our certified organic units, retaining the organic status. Subsequently, the processed organic produce is packed and marketed under the brand name ‘’Five Rivers’’. 



With these steps, we ensure that our procurement, storage, and processing is always top-notch so we never have to compromise on the quality of products we deliver. When we produce the best, the consumers will get the best!

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