An Endeavour to Maintain, Develop, and Trace High-Quality Potato Seed Exports

Punjab supplies approx. 60-70% seed potato to the southern states of India, but its quality is deteriorating day by day because the traders are doing malpractices & seeds from other states are misbranded as “Punjab Potato Seeds” thus bringing a bad name to the state. The major constraint for the optimum potato seed production in the state is the un-availability of quality seed material. There is insufficient supply of certified seed with traceability to the extent that farmers almost entirely depend on informal seed sources.

Punjab has emerge as a centre for potato seed production and is largely known as seed producing state due to aphid free window and favourable conditions for disease free seed production especially the Doaba region of state. Seed Potato constitutes approximately 50% of the production cost and makes it very important contribution in realizing the genetic potential for yield. To develop a programme aimed at sustainable seed production by small seed potato farmers, PAGREXCO has implemented traceability of seed potato through digitization in which production data, software development, geo-tagging, real time data management, field inspection, production and harvesting management etc. has been developed. PAGREXCO has implemented the European standards for traceability system in seed potato and this is an ambitious project for the potato seed industry in Punjab and after its successful implementation it would revolutionized the seed potato industry in Punjab and can act as a game changer for the potato farmers who year on year incur losses due to exploitation at the hands of private companies, traders etc. due to their mal practices.

The process of traceability system for seed potato is as under:-

Farm Management Platform:- Complete potato seed traceability from G02 to final stage i.e. G3 or G4 across the complete life cycle till commercial farming.

Platform set-up hosting, configuration, data base management and set up.

  • Real Time monitoring management and MIS, Audits Compliance & Certification.
  • Crop Configuration- package of practices, Advisory and other required parameters required for traceability.
  • Audits and compliance checklist.
  • Field Team and farmer enablement through Mobile Apps.
  • Frequent Farmer advisory over SMS.



Traceability and supply chain management complete Mapping of Cold storage across the various stages of seed movement.

  • Setting up of their warehouse system- Storage Locations Capacity.
  • Mapping the current farmer wise stocks, variety and Generation available with QR coding.
  • Quality assessments including integration to hardware sensors temperature and Humidity logger and assaying using product scanning for quality and consistency.
  • QR Code based tracking of produce with complete farmer and organisation data.

Remote Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Leveraging Satellite and GIS information to continuously monitor crop performance over 2 weeks window or lesser with high accuracy data.

  • Analytical over weather and crop performance reports.
  • Crop Prediction, stage and Health predictions.
  • Yield assessments based on overall variety planted (Satellite or strip test method) and final correlation to what was finally stored in cold storage for volume traceability.



AI based Climate smart Advisory based on hyper local individual farmer level weather data, weather rule engine.

Management and Government Reporting Application- To showcase real time work happening on the fields with progress, field pictures, field team performance, MIS and reporting on ios and Android Management Application.

Farmers registered under this platform will be provided with best-in-class support including crop advisory from top-notch institutes like CPRI and Horticulture Department – Punjab, timely reminders and alerts for critical field activities, periodic weather alerts, prompt pest, and disease alert resolution, and active on-field support from PAGREXCO extension team.

The registered farmers will have their seeds certified to ensure that they fetch a premium price, and can further leverage their own brand Five Rivers for a widespread penetration into both inland and offshore markets.

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