Strengthening & Mobilization

A Farmer Producer organization gives a robust framework for the small producers for organizing themselves for effective linkage with markets. It gives bargaining power to the small farmers, enables cost-effective delivery of extension services, and empowers the members to influence the policies that affect their livelihoods. FPO helps to overcome the constraints imposed by the small size of individual farms, FPO members are able to leverage collective strength and bargaining power to access financial and non-financial inputs, services and appropriate technologies, reduce transaction costs, tap high value markets and enter into partnerships with private entities on more equitable terms. Major activities of FPO are supply of inputs such as seed, fertilizer and machinery, market linkages, training & networking and financial & technical advice. 

Improvement in status of the farmer is conceivable just through broadening and commercialization of their agricultural activities. There is a need to fortify help administrations for little farmers by creating join among farmers and buyers of horticultural produce. Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) is a way to unite the little and minor farmers and other little makers in the neighborhood networks to manufacture their own business endeavor that will be overseen by experts. FPO offers a demonstrated pathway to effectively manage a scope of difficulties that stand up to farmers today, particularly little makers. 

FPO can help farmers for creation of horticultural produce just as during the way toward advertising the yields. Through FPO ranchers can get to quality contributions requiring little to no effort, can get the market data on various markets and costs in various markets, secure access to new innovations, and tap into high worth markets. FPO is the most ideal method of connecting makers to showcase at getting reasonable costs for their produce.

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