Organic Traceability System


PAGREXCO has also mandate to promote organic farming in the state and is implementing organic program of organic projects under GoI schemes i.e. organic adaption and certification cereal pulses and other agricultural/horticultural crops. The whole mandate is fulfilled with organic certification through APEDA accredited global certification agency i.e. SGS India limited. PAGREXCO is providing institutional support to the farmers by registering and undertakes training & hand holding of farmers for certification, brand promotion and marketing. Till date more than 5,000 farmers with an area of 15,000 acre is under organic certification regime in Punjab.



The major challenges for marketing of organic food products is inculcation of the sense of assurance to the consumer. Therefore, we need to add more value to the products in terms of product quality for marketability as well as organic integrity. However, since this is a crucial aspect for market linkage for any organic product produced with the organic standards by the farmers, this process can be conveyed to the potential customers in domestic as well as export market. The organic traceability system will provide the credence and market acceptability to the already genuinely certified products of Punjab.

The need for traceability of organic produce, especially for small and marginal farmers is emerging as an effective pathway for improved access to investment, technologies, knowledge support, inputs and markets. PAGREXCO is going to implement organic traceability and certification process for its registered farmers. This integrated platform would digitize all the farmers and makes field level data user friendly and it will increase the efficiency of supply chain and ensure organic sustainable produce. Further, it will monitoring production, harvest and adhering export compliance and also built trust between consumer and supplier through implementing standardize package of practices.



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