PAGREXCO exports products to distant markets and sells them at good prices for farmers. The profit is then given to the farmers for their produce.

Administration of India has reported Agri Export Policy which targets multiplying Agriculture Export alongside a dream of multiplying farmers’ pay. Extraordinary center has been laid for advancement of the group to source quality fare produce. 

As Punjab is an Agrarian state and the greatest zone is under farming/cultivation or its united exercises and can assume a Pivotal job for accomplishing the destinations of strategy as conceived in the agribusiness send out approach. Appropriately, Agri send out technique for Punjab has been planned in the wake of having definite corporations with different focal/state government bodies, private players, exporters, and affiliations. This strategy was created to devise the zone explicit approach medications over the worth chains of fare expected products from the state. 

The objective of Agri Export Strategy for Punjab depends on potential bunches identified with creation, handling and existing framework to expand the state’s commitment in India’s agri and united item.

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