Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited

(Punjab State Govt. Undertaking)


Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited(PAIC) is the premier organization of Punjab Government, entrusted with the responsibility of promotion and facilitation of agro based industries including agro processing, dairy processing, poultry processing, agro residue processing, food & horticulture processing, agro chemicals manufacturing etc. in Punjab. PAIC was incorporated in 1966 with the objective to provide quality agri inputs viz. fertilizers, pesticides and tractors to farmers. In early 1980s, PAIC ventured into project development activities and implementation of agro processing units in the public sector. Subsequently, to encourage private investment in agro processing sector, PAIC shifted its focus to promote such units in the joint/assisted sector.

PAIC has now been given the role of setting up of public sector projects in Agro/food processing sector as well as creation of facilities/infrastructures for setting up of food processing units in the state. As on 31.3.2016, the paid-up capital of PAIC was Rs.492 millions, with the share holding of State Govt., Central Govt. and Punjab Rural Development Board at 92.39%, 2.53% and 5.08% respectively.

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