Punjab Agri Export Corporation Limited

(Punjab State Govt. Undertaking)


Punjab Agri Export Corporation (PAGREXCO) is a Government of Punjab enterprise which was formed in 1997 to promote fresh agricultural produce mainly fruits, vegetables and processed products. 

We create infrastructure & mechanisms to facilitate distant domestic and export marketing of fruits & vegetables. We also introduce and develop new agri-technologies to improve the quality of horticulture produce. We invest in R&D for varietal trials on the new/existing agricultural produce having potential for exports.

“Every time you buy ORGANIC, you are persuading more farmers to grow ORGANIC”



Punjab – the Food Bowl of India prides itself on being the chief contributor to the country’s agriculture sector. Punjab Agri Export Corporation is the first-of-its-kind joint venture by Punjab Agro Industries Corporation (PAIC) Limited and Punjab Mandi Board (PMB), focussing on the most sustainable, efficient, and hassle-free exportation of fresh fruits and vegetables from the rich agricultural lands of Punjab. 

All our efforts and workflow are converged at empowering the agriculture sector in Punjab while working side-by-side with the state’s farmers, uplifting them socially and economically. 

It is our continuous and sustained techno-managerial zest why we have a strong privilege to fulfil the requirements of our customers and strengthen the prosperity of farmers. 



Fresh and Appetizing Agricultural Produces from the Land of Five Rivers 

At PAGREXCO, our highly skilled professionals work zealously to export fresh fruits and vegetables with their far-ranging agricultural expertise. We are the standard-bearer for quality and reliability in Punjab, keeping food safety and environmental protection at the top of our list. We are responsible for providing an array of magnificent agriculture solutions in Punjab that notably include:   

  • Exporting fresh and seasonal agricultural produces, chiefly fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 
  • Exporting processed agricultural produce. 
  • Setting up the state-of-the-art infrastructure for facilitating organic farming.
  • Introducing and developing high-tech agri technologies.  
  • Promoting joint ventures for export-oriented agro/horticulture farms.
  • Dealing with all sorts of chemical and equipment-based needs for farming. 

Catering to Market Demands with Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Agriculture Produces 

At present, we are a prominent name in the agriculture field in India, producing and exporting exclusive agriculture produce nationwide. Being an environment-conscious corporation, all of our produces from associated farmers are keenly monitored during various stages to meet the environmental safety standards while keeping the wastage to the minimum.


“Unique farm to kitchen traceability to ensure organic integrity,
purity and consistent quality.”


Five Rivers: A Brand That Stands Out Tall for its Quality in the Vying Food Industry

We have taken one step further by successfully launching and establishing our brand “Five Rivers” that stands tall for its organic food products processed from the agriculture produces of Punjab. Well-received by the consumers for its vigorous taste, consistency, and long shelf-life, the brand serves quality products as its priority. 

Today, the brand “Five Rivers” is a renowned name in the food industry, known for its nutritious yet delicious food products, catering to the market demands all year-round. In a nutshell, from the fields of Punjab to your dining table, we know how to keep our food products best-in-class, healthy, and organic.



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