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PAJL is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation by deriving new products which are being well received by the consumers. In this endeavour, the latest to come up is kinnow beverage. It is the first time in India that any company has tried to introduce a novel beverage from the kinnows from Punjab. PAJL has gone even a step further to prepare this beverage without additional sugar. PAJL has also delighted the customers with its Kinnow Marmalade.

A similar experiment is done with the king of fruits, Mango. Mango rules the roost in the bouquet of fruits. With several varieties, each with a distinctive flavour, the sweet taste of Dusheri mango is being made available in the form of fruit beverage by PAJL. Thanks to PAJL for its out of the box thinking on the back of state’s generous fruit bowl of Dusheri mangoes. Along with this, it has also developed a unique juice with an eclectic blend of fruits like mango, kinnow, guava, pear and water melon.



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