Punjab Agro Juices Limited

(Punjab State Govt. Undertaking)


All Fruit beverages from the Prolific Lands of Punjab – Bid Adieu to harmful preservatives! 

With a notion of bringing revolution in the food industry, Punjab Agro Juices Limited (PAJL) was established in February 2006 by the Government of Punjab. Since then, the organization has worked day in and day out towards purifying the quality of Fruits & Vegetables processed products made available to the consumers. PAJL is a special purpose vehicle that runs to implement two multi Fruit & Vegetable Processing Units in Punjab and deliver nothing but good/superior quality fruit beverages and other processed food products out in the markets. 

One of our plants is located in Village Jahankhelan, Distt. Hoshiarpur while the second one is located in Village Alamgarh, near Abohar , District Ferozepur. Both the plants are well-equipped with the technology and machinery set up and can handle a variety of fruits and vegetables, leading to a rich output. 

With a vision to produce pure and quality food material like juices, jams, pickles, and concentrates, we chase after our aim of providing quality to the consumers of India. Our drive is to eliminate the harmful preservatives, supplements, and other harmful substitutes from the markets and provide the consumers with something they can trust on. 

After all, you become what you eat and if you don’t eat well, you won’t ever be well! 





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