Existing Investors


Name  Plot No.  Total land area 

(in acres)

Godrej Tyson  61 6.00 Frozen Food (RTC,RTE), Brand: “Yummiez”


M/s Iscon Balaji 53 2.22 Potato Flakes
Field Fresh Foods  31 5.08 Sauces, Mayonnaise

Brand: “DelMonte” 

M/s Meat Masters 25 0.55 Frozen Meat


M/s Sharman Jain 33 1.27 Ready-to-eat
M/s Shree Sharda Shakti 27 1.51 Bakery/Biscuits
M/s Rishika Foods 41A-2 0.15 Bakery/Biscuits
M/s Shri Sant ji 23B-1 0.15 Fruit Murraba, crushes etc.
M/s Gamut Foods 23 B-2 0.15 Confectionery food products
M/s NVA Scorpions  41 A-1 0.15 Packed wheat/ multigrain flour & jams



Name  MSME Shed No. Total area 

(in sq.ft)

M/s Roseberg 7 2732 Namkeens viz. Boondi, Bhujia etc.
M/s Rishika Foods 6 2124 Bakery products
M/s Qube 10 2788 Ready-to-eat


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